• Highway 12 near Cuchara, Colorado - September 2005
  • The Artiste exposes himself in a mirror.
  • Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.
  • Two Pentax MX 35mm film cameras and a Pentax 75-150mm zoom lens, all from late 1970s - early 1980s. (HDR + grain and contrast)

I am presently located in SW Missouri, where I was "born and raised" - but I have also lived in Wenatchee, Washington; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Hyde Park, New York. Many of my photos were taken while traveling by bicycle, car, canoe, or on foot in the western United States, Canada, and Europe.

TECHNICAL - Up until April of 2010, my work has been all film - mostly Ektachrome and Fujichrome - made with 35mm Pentax equipment. I scan the transparencies with a film scanner, then post-process with Photoshop on a Mac. In May of 2010, I uploaded my first digital photos taken with a Pentax K-x dSLR - the "Utah 2010" gallery in my Travel category. In November, 2016 I added a Pentax K-3.

In April 2017 I bought a Fuji X-E2 and since then most of my photos were taken with that camera or a Fuji X-T1 purchased two years later.

I will continue to add scans of some of my older film work as time allows.

LEGAL - I retain all rights to my images, and none may be downloaded, printed, or used for any purpose without my permission.

COUPON CODE - If you would like to start your own SmugMug photo sharing web page, then we can both save some cash if you copy the following and paste it into the 'Referred by' field on the signup form: Tlk2eJ9nuX34U Questions or comments? Contact me by email: - Gary Wright

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